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This summer marks our 21st year as the premier tennis day camp in the area. Director George Garland and staff have developed a program to ensure a great camp experience for players of all ages, levels, schedules, and budgets. The camp puts players in one of 5 classifications and allows them to tailor their camp schedule to their individual needs.


For beginners/advanced beginners mostly 8 yrs and above. Focuses on the basics: forehand, backhand, serve and scoring. The goal is to get kids to be able play points and to advance to the Academy level.

Academy Level

Ranges from Low Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate players. At a minimum, players must be able to serve, rally and keeo score.

Varsity Prep

These players have risen to the top of the Academy Level, and are now preparing for play on high school teams or in USTA tournaments. They are increasing their commitment to the game beyond the recreational level.

Tournament Team

Our highest level. This program is for serious, dedicated junior players that have established rankings and are participating regularly in tournament play. Most, if not all, are preparing to play on the collegiate level.



Classic Go Tennis is the program we have been running so successfully for the past 20 summers. Each day includes: Check- in by 9:45 am, stretching and warm-up, drills, and instruction, Lunch, free-hitting period, supervised ladder match play. As always, Friday is Tournament Day, followed by our weekly Awards Ceremony.

Daily: 10:00am - 3:00pm daily

Early Bird/Stay Late

"EARLY BIRD" OR "STAY LATE" GO!TENNIS gives campers an opportunity to get in extra work on their games by either starting their day an hour earlier (8:45 check-in, 9 am start), or by staying Late (4 pm check-out). They may also choose to do both, by enrolling in GO! TENNIS EXTENDED DAY.

Early Bird: 9am - 3pm
Stay Late: 10am - 4pm
Extended Day: 9am - 4pm